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Pimp our Lighting

Hand Blown Glass which is chromed coated and finished in brass, copper or a colour of choice. We are also able to sell just the glass balls so they can be easily retro fitted into your existing building.

It produces incredible light and will be available in many different styles.

The round ceiling light is hand spun and can be produced in many different sizes. Iron Oxide Design are also manufacturing a retro fit cover of similar style for the common 2D surface mounted fitting, pimp the 2D..

Part of the Pimp the lighting range is new hand turned accessories for the hanging lamp enthusiast. Not shown is the miniture lamp shades that can also be added to the pimp my lighting range.

This is a test on copper for colouring one of the new products that we are going to manufacture in the new year.

It will combine many traditional manufacturing methods, materials and will add something totally unique to our portfolio.


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