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Bespoke Lighting Manufacture

Lighting is everything from the selling of merchandised products, to social media pictures all displayed or taken in the best possible light. We have also noticed the surge and market demands for bespoke lighting options, many more materials can be used since the introduction of LED lighting.


We are going to use Bamboo, Oak and Walnut alongside our other metal finishes.

Our next project is salvage, reclaim and give some love to the old fittings that we are searching for. There is a surge in this market for the use in the many themed restaurants and bars. We do love restoring the old classics, so we have been on the rummage and found a few to work with.

Now swiftly on the some our new designs we are working on at the moment, Brass, Concrete, Mild steel and copper.

We hope to make a start on these next week and should be ready in three weeks time, thats the beauty of being small company we can design, manufacture and assemble quite quickly as we dont have red tape blocking our way.

3D Printing, Automated Placemat for assembley of our LED boards and electrical parts, Metalwork, Assembly and testing Area, CNC, Laser Cutting, Automated Soldering Oven, Woodwork, Pottery and Kiln

We have a varied workshop and each of us have different skill sets, which is great for the variation of our work type.

With reference to variation we have started to manufacture here in Birmingham our own LED boards, drivers and controllers for that extra special Bespoke project. Sometimes you may need a shape, curve or twist to link with your existing LED boards, the picture shown here is our latest prototype that has 24 LED chips all individually powered and each on is programable for something we are working on, forgot to metion they have WIFI and Bluetooth also.

In the near future we will realease a video of this new technology light we are working on. Hoping it maybe be of interest to some of you, but Im keeping the information close to my chest and once its been through the EMC & UL testing we will publish what it is.

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